Corona was born a day before Akshay Kumar was admitted to the hospital

Corona was born a day before Akshay Kumar was admitted to the hospital

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45 junior artists of the film Ram Sethu also registered Kovid-19 positive

Actor Akshay Kumar on Sunday announced through social media that he is positive about Corona. He also said that he had been quarantined at home. Now actor Akshay Kumar has been admitted to hospital. Akshay himself tweeted that he had been admitted to the hospital. 

Akshay wrote, 'Thank you for your prayers. Looks like it's working. I am well but as a precautionary measure I have been admitted to the hospital. I hope to come home soon, take care of yourself. Ram Sethu's 45 Junior Artists Corona PositiveApart from Akshay Kumar, 45 junior artists of his upcoming film Ram Sethu have also registered Covid-19 positive. 

Ashok Dubey, General Secretary, Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE), said, "The entire Ram Setu team is on high alert. It is unfortunate that 45 people from the Junior Artists Association have tested positive and all are in quarantine. 'It is learned that the shooting of the film Ram Setu will now start after 13-14 days. Akshay Kumar was shooting for Ram Setu at Mud Island before Korona came positive. He had no symptoms before the test and was perfectly fit.


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