Akshay Kumar's health deteriorates and he is admitted to hospital

Akshay Kumar's health deteriorates and he is admitted to hospital

- The actor informed on social media that his health was not serious

Mumbai: Akshay Kumar reported that Korona tested positive only yesterday. He was home quarantined and everyone was following the rules according to the doctors. However, his condition worsened and he had to be admitted to hospital on Monday. However, he also said that his condition was not serious. 

Akshay Kumar has reportedly been admitted to the hospital for treatment through social media. "Your prayers are having an effect," the actor wrote on Twitter. But I was admitted to a hospital that valued my health. You will all take care of yourself. 

According to sources, Akshay Kumar has been admitted to HL Hira Nanda Hospital in Powai area of Mumbai. A hospital source told ABP News on condition of anonymity. However, the hospital source declined to say anything about Akshay's health, the source added. 

It may be mentioned that Akshay was currently shooting for Ram Sethu's film. In the meantime, he fell into the clutches of Kovid-17. After this, 3 people connected with the film were tested, out of which 4 people tested positive for Corona. The shooting of the film has been stopped after this. 

Akshay was informed through social media, after Korona came positive. In a post, he wrote, "I want to let everyone know that this morning my Covid 19 test came positive." I have isolated myself by following every protocol. I am quarantined at home and receiving treatment. Anyone who has come in contact with me can get their test done and take care of themselves at the same time. I'll be back to work soon.


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