Ban on shooting TV shows for two days on weekends

Ban on shooting TV shows for two days on weekends

- Producer J.D. Decide in Majethia's meeting with the Chief Minister

MUMBAI: Work has come to a standstill in Mumbai due to another tight lockdown. Shooting of TV shows on Saturdays and Sundays has been banned due to a complete lockdown over the weekend. Every production house has been notified about the ban as per the rules of the state governments. So the producers-directors have started working quickly according to their script. 

JD Majethia, chairman of the Indian Film and Television Producers Council, had a meeting with the Maharashtra chief minister on April 9. The meeting was attended by producers, broadcasters, Federation of Western Indian Cine Employees and members of the Cine & TV Artists Association. The decision has been taken as Corona's outcry is growing in Mumbai. 

"We had a meeting with the Hon'ble Chief Minister on April 4," JD (U) Majethia said in a conversation. We are satisfied that he did not carry out a complete lockdown five days a week considering our problems. Shooting on Saturday and Sunday is not allowed. This instruction has been given to each production house. Most people have a bank of episodes. This week they will be able to work on time. It remains to be seen how things will work out next week. 


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