Urvarshi Rataula signed a Tamil film with a salary of Rs 10 crore

Urvarshi Rataula signed a Tamil film with a salary of Rs 10 crore

Even Bollywood actresses don't get such a hefty fee


Urvashi Rataula is currently in the news. She is not seen in Bollywood films but is in the news on social media. She has not been able to establish herself in Bollywood today as she has made wrong decisions in signing Bollywood films so far. But now it seems that the actress will become the darling of Bollywood fans in the near future. 

Currently, Urvashi has got a chance in South Indian films. He has recently signed a Tamil film. For which he has taken a salary of Rs. 10 crores. Urvashi has also started shooting for the film. She is to be seen in the role of a microbiologist in this film. 

Urvashi is also set to make a Telugu film. 

Urvashi South is trying to establish herself in the film. Her fans hope that her fate will bring her back to Bollywood after this. 


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