Farhan Akhtar got an international project

Farhan Akhtar got an international project

- The Farhan Akhtar actor started shooting in Bangkok

Farhan is a talented Bollywood star who is an actor as well as a director, producer, singer, and writer. He gives creative form to everything related to films in his own way.

Mumbai: Bollywood actors are working in international films. Farhan Akhtar is also doing an international project, and he has also started shooting for the film in Bangkok. 

He has not even revealed what role he is playing in the film. According to sources, Farhan is currently in Bangkok with the film team. Marvel Studios is an American film and television studio known for producing Marvel Cinematic Universe films. 

The teaser of Farhan's upcoming Bollywood film Toofan has been released which people also liked. 

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